Gucci Marmont Sandal

This Gucci Marmot sandal is on my wishlist at Nordstrom. The suede finish and the super styling GG Marmot metalware makes me drool. These shoes can be paired with jeans (flared or skinny) and a plain white top taking the plain jean look to another level. They can also be worn with a cute little dress and rock them on a warm spring evening. Sigh…dreams of spring!

erm, sorry got distracted. Back to these shoes and lusting. I can imagine over 20 outfits that I can wear these shoes with and they’d look amazing! I could almost convince myself that I’m walking through the streets of New York  in the Gucci sandals and feeling like a Gucci model. I can’t wait to get my feet in these shoes and walk away…:)

Which one is your favorite, black or red?

Hope this post inspires, thank you so much for reading!

Available at Nordstrom: $595


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