Girlfriend’s Trip to Las Vegas

A few months ago, two of my very dear friends and I went on a Vegas trip to see Jennifer Lopez in concert. The original plan was to see Jlo and just hang out in Vegas for the weekend. But what was supposed to be an innocent weekend ended up to be a weekend to remember for life!

I flew in from Atlanta, Farah flew from New Jersey and Shaireen flew in from Denver. Please note that it’s not easy for us to leave kids and hubby just like that. Some flattery and some coercion goes into having our husbands watch the kids for the weekend. And we were the lucky few who got our wish granted.

We all flew into the airport around the same time so we can uber our way to Bellagio together. Super excited and crazy ideas started popping. While we waited for Farah to arrive, Shaireen and I went the MAC counter and started doing our makeup. With no plans to buy anything and only to apply much needed makeup…we ended up buying quite a few things. We both bought the Instacurl Mascara by MAC and still can’t stop raving about how cool it is (not to mention how the wand twists to curl).


Finally, our Farah arrived and I remember not believing that she actually made it! She has younger kids and the probability that she’d bail were quite high. We then ubered our way to our hotel Bellagio. And it was just magnificent. We checked in, went to our room and I just collapsed on the bed while…the other two started unpacking and organizing their clothes in the drawers and closet. Feeling ashamed (a little) I got up and tried to put up an act of being organized myself. After we were done unpacking and admiring each others outfits, we decided to go eat some Thai food.
We found a restaurant in a shady place and ate to our heart’s content. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but do remember the food was ok. Once back at the hotel, we started to get ready for JLo’s concert and were super pumped. We forgot we were moms and wives and got ready as giddy teenagers, sharing each other’s eyeliners, highlighters, and curling irons. Once all ready, we took selfies (of course) and began our walk across the street to Planet Hollywood to see Jenny from the Bronx.

Jlo’s concert was everything we hoped it would be. The music, the outfits, the stage decor everything was dazzling and so JLoish. Her performances left us hanging for more and more. Her flawless physique and mind blowing dance moves kept us on the edge of our seats. However, her song about her kids was cute but wasn’t warranted…I mean we left our kids behind not to be remembered, lol! After the concert was over, we left Planet Hollywood and took a few pictures. Shaireen was freezing cold thanks to her off shoulder, sexy top. There’s a fine line between being Vegas sexy and just freezing your shoulders off (wink). The picture below is one of my favorites…it shows us 3 gals just enjoying ourselves. Farah’s hand is on my butt while I ask her where she plans on going with it whilst Shaireen just smiles at our drunk photographer.


The next day we get up and decide to go to the Dry Bar to get our hair done. While I was sleeping beauty, these two lovebirds got up early to go to the gym for a run. By the time i woke up they were starving hence our search to find Starbucks and food. While at Starbucks, I searched for something fun to do and within normal limits and decided to take a stripper 101 class. Yup, and we took it! The Dry Bar is always a fun thing to do with your girlfriends. Next, we started shopping and started from Marciano and ended up at BCBG Max Azria. I never plan to shop anywhere and end up shopping everywhere (eye roll).


But I gotta admit it was so much fun trying on clothes and ask each other opinions…I ended up buying clothes and shoes that I’m so grateful to Shaireen who made me get them! Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe now. After a few hours of trying on clothes and shoes, we attended our stripper class 101. I will try to keep the description modest but we definitely learned a thing or two from the class and were named Bubbles, Vixen, something -licious. It was definitely another fun GF Vegas experience!


At Marciano


Still at Marciano…


Stripper 101 class


Shaireen sick and tired of my selfies!

After the 101, we walked. and walked. and walked until we could not walk anymore. There came a point when I wanted to peel my Stuart Weitzman boots off and hurl them. Eventually, we had to stop to buy some comfortable shoes. But the problem was those shoes didn’t go with my outfit. In desperation, just imagine that I had to change my clothes in a Journeys shoe store! We finally managed to get to our hotel which was across the street, lol. The views of the strip and the Bellagio were beautiful and the buzz was just as palpable on a Saturday night in Vegas!


Once at the hotel, we had planned to get ready and go out and club crawl. We soaked our sore feet in peppermint salt while we chatted for a few hours. I can never forget how tired our feet were and in all that tiredness we didn’t stop talking and sitting around the bathtub. What happened next, no one can guess!

We fell asleep at 10 pm, Saturday night in Las Vegas.

The following morning was farewell and back to each of our lives and reality. Even though we all went back to our families, work, and responsibilities…I don’t think any of us will ever forget the unsuppressed joy these few days in Vegas brought to us. Girls trips must be taken regularly. Why? These trips can be compared to no other and the memories you make are for a lifetime. I can’t wait to go again with my girls, and again, again!


Breakfast at the Bellagio


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