Lash Extensions


Just wanted to share my experience with lash extensions. I got them this past weekend so I  can’t really give a complete review yet. But there’s one thing I can say and that is, it’s worth it! I wake up and voila I look fabulous!

It all started when I booked a demo at Lash Studio in Bulkhead, Atlanta to get a complimentary set of lashes. Unfortunately my appointment had to reschedule but I really wanted to get them and decided that I will pay for my lashes and get a full set. I was really worried that they will look fake or just too much volume and wasn’t afraid to express my fears. It took 2 hours to individually glue the lashes to my eyelashes. I was laying on a heated tempurpedic mattress and could’ve sworn  had snored! The session was so relaxing and then to wake up to see a thick set of lashes was literally a dream come true.

My lash extensions did not look fake nor were they extra. They were just perfect. The studio offered me an eyeliner, lash cleaner, etc. kit and of course I had to get it. I was told that the lashes will last 3-4 weeks but i should visit them to see if i am shedding them too quickly.

In just a few days, I’ve received so many compliments. And as far as going to work everyday it was just easy breezy. No need for mascara or even liner, just fluff the wet lashes  and you’re good to go.

I’m going to wait and see how long the lashes really stay on my eyes!


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