GF Birthday dinner outfit

Friday night was a Bollywood dance party for a friend and it was a cute idea! One hour of dance class then after party. Since it was bollywoodish, I opted again for Pakistani styling with a crop top and Valentinos to give the outfit the oomph.

The more I think about my outfits the more I realize that my personal style is very much so fusion. I like to wear my Pakistani dresses with a western twist. I appreciate my American and Pakistani cultures very much so and it emanates through my lifestyle.

Hope this post inspires, thank you so much for reading!

GF Birthday Dinner Outfit



Hi y’all! (Yes I’ve moved to the south)

I wanted to post a few details from last nights dinner for a friend’s birthday. I chose to wear a soft golden velvet skirt and a black full sleeves crop top (pretty modest). I wasn’t sure if I could whip out my minis and Stuart Weitzmans because I’m still getting to know the girls here in Atlanta and wanted to be respectable first time around. That’s where the modesty kicks in, lol!

I paired the outfit with a very traditional kundan neck piece which brought the outfit an adequate amount of the wow factor. The shoes were Guiseppe Zanottis which are not my favorite ones but had to wear them some day. The bag, of course, the Chanel bad boy.

It was chilly and decided to wear my brown leather jacket adding all the hues of darkness to the look yet not emo!

Hope this post inspires, thank you so much for reading!

Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil by Fresh


Hi y’all!

I wanted to write a review for this product as I am loving it these days! On dry skin, pump out the oil and rub it in on your face, including the water proof mascared eyes. I use a little water just to get some more cleansing in. You rinse your face and voila the mascara and all the makeup you had on your face is gone. I have yet to find out where does all the makeup go? This product literally melts the eye makeup and face makeup off your face. And because it’s an oil with all natural ingredients, it leaves your face moisturized and glistening. Follow the routine with some serum, eye cream, and moisturizer (no toner needed) and you’re all set to put your beautiful face to rest.

Available at Sephora: $42